Prison-related data on the one hand includes the prevalence of drug use, problem-drug use, related risk behaviours and health consequences of drug use among prisoners. Data collection is also carried out regarding illegal drug market inside the prison.

On the other hand social and health responses to drug use in prison are also monitored in case of prevention, treatment, infectious diseases, resocialization and reintegration.

Data on treatment as an alternative to criminal procedure is also analyzed in the framework of this field in collaboration with the indicators drug-related crime and treatment demand.

Data collection is carried out according to the EMCDDA’s guidance in order to have reliable and comparable data at EU level.

National data is published in Chapter 9 of our National Report and Chapter 11 of our 2011 National Report was also devoted to this topic. Information received from member states is presented by the EMCDDA in the Annual Report, in publications concentrating on particular issues related to prisons, and in the Statistical Bulletin.