European Drug Report 2015 launched

EMCDDA explores new dynamics and dimensions of Europe’s drugs problem

Changing dynamics in the heroin market, the latest implications of cannabis use and new features and dimensions of the stimulant and ‘new drugs’ scene, are among the issues highlighted by the EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) today as it launches its European Drug Report 2015: Trends and Developments in Lisbon (1). In its annual review, the agency reflects on 20 years of monitoring and examines the global influences and local ramifications of Europe’s ever-changing drugs problem.


European Drug Report 2014 launched

The EU drugs agency (EMCDDA) will be presenting its annual overview of the European drug situation on 27 May in a multilingual, multimedia information package focusing on today’s rapidly shifting drug phenomenon.
Central to the package is the European Drug Report 2014: Trends and Developments (in print and online in 23 languages), summarising the latest trends across the 28 EU Member States, Turkey and Norway. This top-level analysis explores: drug supply; drug use and drug-related problems; health and social responses to drug problems; and drug policies.
Accompanying the report will be Perspectives on Drugs (PODs), online interactive analyses providing  insights into six topical issues (including cannabis markets in Europe and Internet-based drug treatment). The information package will be completed by a European Drug Data web area and Country Overviews offering national-level data and analyses. A tablet version, including interactive maps and graphics, will be available in English. Audiovisual material will also be on offer.

European Drug Report 2013

28 May 2013: the EMCDDA presents its annual overview of the European drug situation in a new, reshaped information package designed to be more timely, interactive and interlinked.

The package has been designed as a set of integrated elements allowing full access to the available data and analysis on the drugs problem in Europe.

For further information please consult the EMCDDA’s website.